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Quality is a magic weapon for the existence.  The present brand image of BAITU company comes from consistently quality concentration.  The company has established a job responsibility system for quality control involving everyone from the general manager to each staff member. Centering upon the quality policy, quality control targets are set for all levels and a quality control organizational system is also formed.  The pursuit of the quality by BAITU people is fully embodied in the whole process ranging from the evaluation on the supplier,  the acceptance of the purchased products, the concentration on the control of manufacturing process, and delivery & service, to the internal quality checking, the strict testing on the product, the control of off-grade products, etc.


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  • Add: 155-7 Yangqiao Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai.
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  • Tel£º0086-21-3651 7960
  • Fax£º0086-21-3609-0193
  • Phone£º0086-15026563342
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