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The company new website formally launched

In order to better show the strength of the company, to provide customers with more convenient services, BAITU cryogenic valves website in 2015, has been formally launched!

Official website address£ºhttp://www./

Located in the international metropolis--Shanghai, SHANGHAI BAITU CRYOGENIC CALVE CO., LTD. of which the registered capital is 10 million Yuan, is a private high-tech company specialized in designing, manufacturing, sales and relatd technical service of cryogenic valves.

At the moment of its establishment, the company has set the goal to develop new market by technological innovation, take the lead by its product technology and advanced process, and earn customers' satisfaction through the pursuit of high-quality and full-set service. In the future, the company will achieve a bigger and stronger scale. At present, the company has the national manufacturing license of cryogenic valves and eleven patents in valve series for cryogenic insulation gas cylinder, A design patent and an invention patent.

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